Does your company have my FFL on file?

If you have purchased a firearm from us and you selected from the drop down box, the listed FFLs in GREEN means that has a physical copy of the Federal Firearms License on file. Ones listed grey indicated we do not have it. If your selected FFL was grey please provide that FFL with the email Some one will respond to the email letting the sender know it was received.

What’s is the FFL?

Listing of Federal Firearms Licensees throughout the US.

Why do I need to know my local FFL?

FFL Dealers manage transfer of firearms for purchase. In order to purchase a Firearm you need to have it shipped to an FFL, where they will be able to apply the applicable state laws (ex Background Checks, Taxes Etc.)

Should I contact my FFL Before Purchase?

Yes, It is highly recommended that you contact the dealer before your purchase.
The Federal Firearms Licensing database (FFL) access is provided as a convenience only. We simply link to the searchable database to help you find the closest FFL dealer in your area. The FFL database is updated by the Federal Government and is NOT responsible for any inaccuracies that may occur.
It is ultimately YOUR responsibility to be aware of the laws in your state regarding the purchase and delivery of firearms, ownership and required licensing and/or registration. FFLs will ship your purchase to the most convenient FFL dealer in your area that YOU choose. Therefore, it is YOUR responsibility and obligation to verify that your chosen FFL dealer is currently in compliance with all Federal and/or state regulations and requirements.

What if my preferred FFL is not available in the list?

Your preferred FFL isn't listed? No problem. It is still best to reach out to them prior to the transaction before you buy or we ship, so they are aware of an incoming transfer. Also it gives the buyer the knowledge of the FFL dealer's cost and procedures. Once you have done that they or the buyer can reach out to us with an updated physical copy(.jpeg or .PDF file) via our email or call us so we can add it to our system for future use.